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            1、 Principle, interests first, emotions second


            In many cases, Chinese people are shy of talking about money when it comes to cooperation, but it makes everyone in the early stages of entrepreneurship busy with money. So when designing, it is important to prioritize interests as the first principle.


            2、 There must be a real boss in the team


            Although in the equity partnership design, we talked about a leader's shares being greater than the sum of one, two, three, and four shareholders' shares. The advantage of this is that earning more money makes him lose more money, and of course, he also loses more. In the early stages of entrepreneurship, having a stake does not necessarily mean having more power, but rather a responsibility, so having a convincing leader and a legal leader is crucial.


            3、 The principle is that control must be exercised


            Having a legal boss and a nominal boss requires control. The acquisition of control may be divided into two aspects, one is the legal level of control, and the other is the control at the operational level, which depends more on his ideas and ideas.


            Can his team bring forward-looking influence and encourage everyone to move forward with him, as more and more startups are experiencing an era of non power leadership and power leadership? It must slowly pass, more commonly seen in government agencies and state-owned enterprises. In current enterprise organizations, there is more emphasis on non power leadership, which mainly tests personal charm, especially his ability to predict future business trends.



            4、 To introduce dynamic equity rules


            The development of enterprises is not static, as they vary from small to large, requiring different people to make different contributions in the process of development. Everyone's abilities vary. So with the development of the enterprise, perhaps the founder or start-up shareholders, their abilities may not necessarily adapt to the development of the enterprise. So, the proposal of dynamic equity design is result oriented, allowing contributors to receive the shares they deserve. So the dynamic equity design rules are also very emphasized during our design.


            5、 There should be an exit mechanism


            In the process of entrepreneurship, we really want to grow old from scratch, but in the process of development, due to subjective and objective reasons, there are always some partners who reluctantly withdraw from the partnership. When the shareholders of the entrepreneurship leave the entrepreneurial team, can the shares be smoothly recovered? Because any business is born like a child, the growth of a child not only requires money, but also requires a huge investment of human energy. It is very important to take care of one's own business and invest in broadband energy like taking care of a child. When a client leaves the team, a reasonable buyback of their shareholding structure is also an important principle in partnership design.

            六、 要建立一個平等的文化

            6、 To establish a culture of equality


            Nowadays, entrepreneurship increasingly emphasizes the realization of individual self-worth, and the realization of self-worth requires creating a relaxed and open atmosphere. The second principle is that there must be a large shareholder, which is not contradictory. As more and more teams move towards openness. More importantly, when realizing self-worth, the team's creativity will be greatly unleashed.


            The design of partnership equity should follow these six principles. That's all for the relevant content. I hope it can provide you with good help. For more details, please come to our website http://www.newadnetwork.com Consult and understand!



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